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St. Vincent

The average yearly temperature is 27° C (81° F). The coolest months are between November and February. During the rainy season, May through October, rain is frequent in the mountains of St. Vincent with the annual average rainfall being 380 cm (150 inches) inland and 200 cm (80 inches) on the coast.

The nation of St Vincent and the Grenadines is comprised of eight inhabited islands and about two dozen other islands and cays.  These islands are at the lower end of the Lesser Antilles and the Windward Islands.  Scattered across the populated islands are guest houses, hotels, and all-inclusive resorts, some with their own islands.  Other remote and untouched islands in this area have retained their natural beauty, and remain private spots accessible by boat.  This area has some of the best yachting in the Caribbean.

Early residents on these islands were the Carib and Arawak Indians.  At one point, these Indians rescued some shipwrecked slaves and intermarriage produced Black Caribs.  The British came in 1722 and established sugar plantations.  Many of the plantations were later destroyed by a hurricane, as well as by a volcanic eruption.  As a result of these types of disasters, St Vincent and the Grenadines have taken longer to develop their tourist trade.

St Vincent, the largest populated island in the group, features a rain forest, cultivated valleys, and an active volcano.  Kingstown is the capital city of St Vincent and the Grenadines, and its tourist attractions include a cruise ship terminal as well as the Botanic Gardens, which were established in 1765.

Beaches: Leeward Coast

Chateaubetair - The bay here, with its 40-foot deep reef and array of brightly coloured fish, is a snorkeller’s dream. While usually a good anchorage, especially on the eastern half of the bay, the northerly swells in the winter months can cause difficulties.

CumberLand Bay - The bay is very deep and those boats wishing to anchor will need to do so with a bow or sternrope to a palm tree. There is no customs clearance.

Petit Byahaut - Four moorings are available at the resort al Petit Byahaut. There is a small beach, diving and snorkelling are superb. At Dinosaur Head (face of Byahaut point) you will find a 120-foot wall covered in sponges, seafans and coral.

Troumaca Bay - This small well-protected bay, with room for only a handful of yachts, has some mooring posts on the beach. There is good snorkelling alone the northern shore.

Wallilabou - This picturesque bay is a good diving spot and reliable line handlers are available to help secure yachts. Customs can be cleared here between 4.OOpm and 6.00 pm. Kingstown - Customs and immigration can be cleared at Kingstown Harbour and there is a tie-up for yachts.

Mount Wynne - This expansive blacksand beach is a local favourite. It lies on the leeward coast thus the sea is very calm. There are toilet facilities , benches and huts. The ideal spot for a picnic and for anchoring speed boats and yachts.

Beaches: South-East Coast

Blue Lagoon - Surrounded by palm trees, this area with a lovely beach provides a very pleasant anchorage. Moorings are available at Barefoot Yacht Charters or The Lagoon Marina.

Villa Beach and Indian Bay - There are two white sand beaches on mainland St. Vincent located on the southeast end of the island. They are divided by a small hilly projection and are easily accessible. Both beaches offer good snorkelling and provide lovely views of Young Island and some of the Grenadine islands.

Young Island Cut - The anchorage here, lying in clear water, is a favourite with yachtspeople. Anchor with care as the current sweeps both ways and the centre of the cut is 65 feet deep. Moorings are available, but stay clear of the sea bed close to Young Island itself. No customs clearance.

Beaches: Windward Coast

On the windward side of the island there are a number of beautiful black sand beaches. Especially popular is Argyle, a long beach unto which breakers crash furiously. Most of the windward beaches are not recommended for swimming. Also you will find a lovely picturesque, long beach at Black Point.

Brighton Beach is a secluded black sand beach.This beach faces the Grenadines. It has high waves and is the perfect place for a bit of boogie boarding .

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