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Escorted Bus Tours

Looking to take your first trip abroad? Perhaps you want to check out another country but want more structure, the chance to get an overview before heading out on your own?

Our escorted bus tours range significantly from indepth travel through one country, enabling you to get a good history and view into the local culture... to our extended panorama tours, featuring several countries in one. These tours are well priced, with entrance fees and some meals included to ensure your comfort and value.

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Top International Tours

#5 European Masterpiece With Extended Stay In London
#4 European Masterpiece With Extended Stay In London
#3 European Masterpiece With Extended Stay In London
#2 European Masterpiece With Extended Stay In London
#1 European Masterpiece With Extended Stay In London

Small River European Cruises

If you're looking for something unique, quite different from the massive 2,500-passenger cruise ships that visit major tourist ports throughout Europe ... then you've come to the right place!

Climb aboard smaller cruise ships carrying just a few hundred fellow passengers as you set out on some of Europe's smaller rivers, exploring quaint litlte towns that are unaccessible by major cruise lines. Meander through cobblestone streets, bike along the river and make friends as you dine on world-class cuisine on your small river cruise through Europe..

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Food and Culinary Wine Tours

Food and wine tours

There is nothing like having great food and wine while on vacation ... and it's another thing to take a tour that is geared toward food and wine. These tours are limited and becoming qutie popular so pick a destination, select a date and set off on a food and wine tour!

We will take you to the vineyards of Tuscany, arrange for a tasting of the cheeses of France, explain the story behind the baked beans of Boston, the sourdough breads of San Francisco, the sweets of Austria, and the lobsters of New England.

On a Food & Wine vacation, you’ll enjoy plenty of hands-on experiences. Take a cooking lesson that reveals the secrets of Italy’s timehonored dishes. Learn about the climate, soils, and grape varieties in France’s celebrated Bordeaux region. Indulge your senses at the Biarritz Museum of Chocolate, tour a maple sugarworks in Vermont, or find out what makes California’s sparkling wines bubble— and that’s just the beginning!

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Independent Travel Packages

Our independent travel packages are designed for people who have traveled before and like to base themselves in one or more cities, explore on their own and travel by train. While it's not for everyone, this type of travel offers flexibility by allowing you to package all of your basic travel(airfare, hotel and train) into one, value-priced package. Some of our mult-city packages include airfare between cities which is extremely convenient and allows you to compare two completely different cultures on one well-priced vacation.

Sit a cappuccino with your mouth-watering tartufo at Tres Scalini in Rome one day -- dine on fois gras and creme brulee, washed down with a vin rouge in Paris the next!

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Top Independent Packages

#5 Germany Fly & Drive
#4 Switzerland Fly & Drive
#3 Liverpool Beatles Stopover
#2 Amsterdam Escape
#1 Athens & Mykonos

Religious and Faith-Based Tours

Religious and Faith-Based Tours

Experience your faith first-hand when you stand in the very site where John the Baptist baptized Jesus or visit the location of the early churches in Turkey. Retracing the missionary journey of the Apostle Paul can bring you a step closer to understanding his powerful life. By discovering the Vatican and the church’s rich history across Europe, you will learn more about your spiritual heritage. Learning about the lives of the most beloved and influential Christians up-close and personal is yet another magnificent way to deepen your faith through travel with Globus. Religious travel enables you to see places of historical interest while experiencing the local culture and cuisine.

Every aspect of your life is affected, enriched, and motivated by your faith. That’s why Globus brings you the best in faith-based travel. With 80 years of travel experience, we help combine your next vacation experience with the opportunity to grow and deepen your faith.

By combining faith and travel, you gain a better understanding of the world you live in while also learning more about the roots of your religion. Take a faith-based journey with Globus and write your own story of personal discovery.

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College Student Tours (18-35)

Ok, so these are just for college students but they are geared toward a younger audience, using simple hotels and itineraries to give those between 18- and 35-years of age the chance to explore the world, experience new cultures and make new friends without breaking the bank.

Choose from camping tours to multi-country tours as you set out on a new journey in life.

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