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Summer temperatures range from 68-88°F, while winter temperatures range from 61-80°F. The majority of rain falls in the winter, but the north and east side of Molokai receive little rain during the summer while west and south shores receive almost none.

While the rest of Hawaii grew up, the Island of Molokai grew roots. Roads are few and generally empty. The island clings to tradition. Its small population prefers to live by raising crops, catching fish and adhering to the old ways. Molokai isn't merely a lovely island, it's the only island for those who what to experience something besides commercial luau, fancy shops, big resorts and the company of tourists. Instead, discover serenity, empty beaches and untamed outdoor beauty. In short, you'll experience a place where you can look inward as much as outward. You will also find the Hawaiian culture, which is woven into the fabric of everyday life. Though Molokai isn't sophisticated when it comes to tourism, it offers a wide range of places to stay and things to do.

Beaches and Watersports
If your image of paradise includes miles of secluded sands and sparkling waters, you will be amazed to find that picture-perfect shores await you…ul as people are few.

For the perfect day on the sand, the west end beaches are most likely where any local will point you in the summer and east end beaches in the winter. Papohaku Beach, located on the west end is a sensational beach is three miles in length and as wide as 100 yards! As it’s the second largest in the entire state, you’re sure to find plenty of room to spread out your towel and soak in the serenity.

You’ll find no end to the ways you can enjoy the Island’s varied coastline. Spend your days sailing, windsurfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, kayaking, or boogie boarding your way around the Island’s many coves, inlets, and wide-open shores.

Culture and History
Molokai is often called the most Hawaiian of all the Islands of Aloha. This is largely due to the fact that its residents show a deep regard for tradition and take great care to preserve the isle’s unique cultural heritage. Here it often seems as if the past and the present exist simultaneously.

One of the Island’s most popular cultural attractions is the Kalokoeli Fishpond, where ancient Hawaiians once practiced a remarkably sophisticated form of aquaculture. As many as 60 of these fish ponds once operated along the Island’s southern shore, most of them were constructed at least 700 years ago.

Another must-see is the Iliiliopae ( Lii’ili ‘o’pae) Heiau, one of the largest ancient temple platforms in all of Hawaii. Set deep within a thriving forest, this historic site offers a palpable sense of wonder and spirituality.

Molokai is also believed to be the home of the hula, so you’re sure to find this graceful art in practice across the Island – especially during the popular Ka Hula Piko Festival and during the Thanksgiving weekend at the Hawaiian Performing Arts Competition put on by Molokai’s own Moana’s Hula Halau.

For a truly memorable history lesson, consider taking a guided cultural hike to some of the Island’s ancient sites. You’ll not only gain insight that most visitors never do, you’ll have the chance to gain first-hand knowledge about Molokai’s greatest treasure – the people who live here.

Kids and Families
Time moves slowly on Molokai. So what better place to spend those precious few days of vacation with your family? Here you find every waking moment can be classified as “quality time”. Time to catch-up, reconnect, and share in the wonder of discovery.

Kids love Molokai. And why wouldn’t they – they’re free to run wild over miles of open wilderness, explore tide pools teaming with exotic sea creatures, comb untracked beaches for treasures carried in by the sea, or learn to rope cattle with a real island ranch hand. And for junior astronomers, a trip to Molokai is truly and eye-opening experience – cloudless nights open to a brilliant blanket of stars unmarred by the glow of city lights.

On Molokai, as is true throughout the Islands of Aloha, keiki (children) are treated with an extra measure of hospitality. The gentle nature of our people makes a one-on-one hula demonstration or lei-making lesson all the more unforgettable.

Rejuvenation and Wellness
Molokai is essentially a 38 x 10 mile spa. Where else will you find a more natural healing environment than in a place where nature rules supreme? And best of all, most of the “treatments” you find on Molokai are absolutely free.

Just spend an afternoon wandering through a silent forest permeated with the scent of wildflowers and ocean air. Spread your towel on a beach all your own and let the fizz of the retreating surf lull you to sleep. Or journey into a remote forest for some quiet meditation surrounded by the ruins of an ancient temple.

Of course, you’ll also find a range of more “traditional” spa treatments, including a variety of massage techniques and yoga classes too at the Sheraton Molokai Lodge and Beach Village.

Outdoors and Adventure
Molokai is famous around the world for its virtually unlimited range of outdoor activities, including some of the best mountain biking anywhere.

Hiking is arguably the best way to discover the wonders of the island, and there are uncounted miles of trails‡long pristine tide pools to thrilling trails along the famous cliffs to spellbinding explorations of Kamakou Preserve on the slopes of the Molokai’s highest mountain. This 2,774-acre rainforest is filled with hundreds of native plants and birds.

Also unique to Molokai are its miles of pristine barrier reefs. Ideal for exploration by snorkel, scuba, or kayak, the reefs are a protected underwater wilderness bursting with vibrant sea life and spectacular coral formations.

Some of the best adventures on Molokai are to be found only on horseback. Gallop through miles of whispering forests, along sun-drenched coasts, across stunning inland plains‧enuine Hawaiian paniolo (cowboy).

Deep-sea fishing excursions are also a major draw here, and several charter companies will take you from Kaunakakai Harbor into the heart of big-game fishing territory. And for a one-of-a-kind adventure, take the 90-minute trip down the cliffs above the Kalaupapa Settlement ‼

For those in active pursuit of romance, Molokai is a dream comes true. Nowhere else in Hawaii will you find more ways to elevate your heart rate with the one you love.

If it’s seclusion you’re after, Molokai gives you thousands of acres to explore your passions. You might take a thrilling mountain bike ride through ancient forests and meadows bursting with wild flowers. Or perhaps a quiet kayak excursions along the island’s glorious south shore, home to the largest reef system in the US. Or follow crystal clear streams on horseback to discover a hidden waterfall hundreds of feet high. Then follow it all with a dinner of freshly prepared island seafood served under a blanket of stars and accompanied by the gentle strain of a slack-key guitar.

However you choose to explore the beauty of Molokai, you’ll find romance around every bend, magic in the air, and love in full bloom.

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