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Summer temperatures range from 85 to 87°F, with night time lows of 70 to 74°F. Winter temperatures range from 70 to 74°F, with night time lows from 65 to 69°F.

If your idea of an island getaway includes ultra luxury and secluded privacy, the Island of Lanai awaits you. Just over 3,000 people live on this small island. Life evolves around its one charming town, Lanai City, and two deluxe properties, the upcountry Lodge at Koele and the ocean side Manele Bay Hotel. Both consistently win top resort honors. Two stellar golf courses, a spa, fine dining choices, and plenty of outdoor activities and water sports guarantee there’ll be plenty to do until its high tea in the music room.

Lanai's unique outdoor attractions are the primary reason for visiting the island. They include the Garden of the Gods in Kanepu'u, where rocks and boulders are scattered across a crimson landscape as if some divine being had placed them there as a sculpture garden. Adjacent is a self-guided nature trail leading through the Kanepu'u Preserve, a unique dryland forest hosting some 48 native species, including the endangered Hawaiian gardenia. The waters at Hulopo'e Beach are so clear that within a minute of snorkeling you can see fish the colors of turquoise and jade. After hiking or driving to the summit of Lana'ihale, a 3,370-ft-high windswept perch, you'll find a splendid view of nearly every inhabited Hawaiian island.

A visit to Lana'i can be either simple or elegant. Solitude is easy to come by. On the other hand, you can rub elbows with sophisticated travelers during a game of croquet at the Lodge at Ko'ele or a round of golf. Bring casual clothes because many of your activities will be laid-back. Come, take your time, and enjoy it before the island changes too much more.

Beaches and Watersports
The beaches on Lanai are among the most remarkable in all the Islands of Aloha. Not just because of their sheer beauty, but because they are appreciated by so few people. More often than not, you will have an entire stretch of sand all to yourself. It's no wonder this place was once known as Hawaii's 'Private Island.'

While most visitors seem to enjoy just sitting and soaking it all in, you can also choose among popular water sports including snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, and deep-sea fishing.

One of the island's most prized attractions is glorious Hulopoe Bay, a marine conservation area prized by divers and snorkelers for its vivid tropical reef fish. Here you can spend days splashing in the warm waters, where spinner dolphins are just as likely to frolic.

Another unforgettable activity is charting a sailboat to whisk you away on a snorkeling or sightseeing adventure to the island's remote and starkly beautiful West coast.

Culture and History
A place of deep cultural significance, Lanai boasts many historical sites, old fishing villages, and unique topographical features like the boulder-strewn Garden of the Gods. Interestingly, Lanai’s environmental history owes a debt of gratitude to someone from outside the islands – a New Zealand naturalist named George Munro, for whom the breathtaking Munro Trail was named.

Lanai’s culture is reflected in the land itself. There are few monuments or designated historical sites, yet the entire island exudes tradition – it is truly the way Hawaii “used to be.”

In the center of the island, Lanai city features thoroughly and lovingly restored landmarks, including the lovely Lanai Playhouse and Theater and the charming Hotel Lanai. Both date from the 1920’s.

A prehistoric mystery lingers in Luahiwa, where visitors will find 34 boulders featuring intriguing petroglyphs carved by ancient Hawaiians. Nearby, Kaunolu is home to a thought-provoking royal ruin. And, for a somewhat eerie stroll through Lanai’s plantation era past, don’t miss the “ghost town” of Keomoku.

Kids and Families
A 141 square mile playground for children of all ages, Lanai abounds with opportunity for mutual discoveries. As you'll find throughout the Islands of Aloha, keiki (children) are truly treasured here and a treated to an extra measure of hospitality.

Here you can take your family on a thrilling 4x4 excursion into remote Keahikawelo or along the sands of Kaiolohia Bay to marvel at the rusting Liberty Ship grounded just offshore. Or spend a day peering into tide pools while keeping an eye out for spinner dolphins and humpbacks at play in the turquoise waters just beyond. Or learn an ancient art like hula or lei-making from a local resident eager to share in the island's rich traditions.

Yet with all the things to do here, Lanai is perhaps most attractive to families for what it doesn't offer: crowds and traffic. From the very moment you arrive on this secluded playground you'll enjoy a sense of complete security and safety

Rejuvenation and Wellness
With acre upon acre of untouched wilderness, mile after mile of untracked sands, and day after day of unbelievable tranquility, the restoration of one's spirit comes naturally on Lanai.

In addition, hosts of rejuvenating and renewing health treatments await Lanai visitors at the newly redesigned Spa at Manele, in the spectacular Manele Bay Hotel. This perfectly serene environment was created to reflect the gracious heritage and natural splendor of Lanai itself, a place of quiet beauty and unrivaled splendor.

The Spa at Manele offers a full range of exclusive treatments, including pineapple polishes, banana-coconut scrubs, and hot-stone massages or facials.

Outdoors and Adventure
While Lanai’s charming bed and breakfasts and luxurious resorts offer plenty to draw you indoors, the real beauty of this surprising island paradise is best discovered well off the beaten path. And you’ll find a variety of ways to get there.

With over 80,000 acres to explore, one of the best ways to experience Lanai’s varied and magnificent terrain is to rent a 4x4 and set off on an adventure all your own. For a different perspective, you might also consider a horseback ride through the islands cool upland meadows, along its remote sands, or through an intoxicating eucalyptus forest. And for the truly adventurous, hop on a mountain bike and wind your way through pineapple fields to discover a beach all your own.

For a broader view of Lanai’s many natural wonders, stop by the Manele Small Boat Harbor and inquire about a deep-sea fishing or sailboat charter to the far reaches of the island.

With two of the world's most celebrated resorts, and miles of pristine natural wonders awaiting your discovery, Lanai is a dream getaway for couples wishing to explore their love in a place of unrivaled beauty and sublime delights.

Whether you choose to stay at either of the island's two extraordinary resorts (the opulent Manele Bay Hotel or the majestic Lodge at Koele), a trip to each is a must. At the Lodge, after a stroll through fragrant gardens and a welcoming cocktail in the comfort of the grand hall, you may choose to indulge in one of Hawaii's most exalted dinner menus. The Manele Bay Hotel holds equal allure, with oceanfront dining and opulent gardens, as well as spa packages designed to thoroughly relax you and yours.

Of course you needn't search hard for romantic environs, they surround you here. From the un-peopled, sun-drenched beaches to the warm glow of a sunset on Sweetheart Rock, Lanai will fire your senses and rekindle your passions.

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