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Grand Bahama

Trade winds give the Bahamas a warm, pleasant climate throughout the year. Typically, Freeport experiences subtropical temperatures, with light rainfall and low humidity. Temperatures range from an average of around 70°F during the winter season, to around 86°F in the summer.

On Grand Bahama Island you can combine a cosmopolitan vacation at an upscale resort with the charm of a small town. It has one of the world's largest underwater cave systems, three national parks, endless beaches and crisp blue water with enchanting marine life.

In 1834, when Great Britain banned slavery throughout its empire, former slaves in The Islands Of The Bahamas were allowed to stake claims on whatever open land they could find. Many of Grand Bahama Island’s older settlements such as Pinder’s Point, Russell Town and Williams Town were founded by former slaves. These towns are almost invariably named after their founders or former slave owners.

Today, many of the 50,000 people living on Grand Bahama Island were not born here. They hail from all over The Islands Of The Bahamas. What distinguishes most Grand Bahamians from other Bahamians is their entrepreneurial spirit and devotion to the great outdoors.

Grand Bahama's Beaches

Fortune Beach

Fortune Beach, named for a shipwreck discovered there with goods worth over $2 million, is a quiet stretch of beach, five miles from the Port Lucaya Marketplace.

Gold Rock Beach

Part of the Lucayan National Park, this secluded beach is a must-see during low tide. Across the road are the Lucayan Caverns, the world's longest underground surveyed cave system.

Lucayan Beach

Across from the Port Lucaya Hotel, this popular tourist beach has just about every water-sport activity, from snorkeling to parasailing, but is also great just for a stroll.

Mather Town Beach

Mather Town Beach is about three miles from Port Lucaya. With limited water activities, it is a great beach for swimming, eating, drinking and hanging out with the locals.

Paradise Cove Beach

Fifteen miles from the International Bazaar in Freeport, Paradise Cove is tucked away on the southwestern shore of the island. This quiet, secluded beach offers great places for snorkeling as well as beach volleyball. There’s also direct access to Deadman's Reef, which has myriad of marine life.

Smith's Point Beach

Famous for its Wednesday night fish fry, Smith’s Point Beach is found, adjacent to Taino Beach in Lucaya.

Taino Beach

With limited water activity and a small playground, Taino Beach is ideal for families with children. During holidays the beach is the site of many local cook-outs. The annual Junkanoo Summer Festival is also held there.

William's Town Beach

In the center of the William's Town settlement lies William’s Town Beach. Water activities, such as banana boats, jet skis and snorkeling, can be found on the eastern side of the beach at Island Seas Resort.

Xanadu Beach

Xanadu Beach is a popular tourist beach, three miles from the International Bazaar, offering water sports, straw goods, and a variety of food and beverages.

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